A Start-up Tale

It was 2014 and Tilly Walnes was on the TV on the Great British Sewing Bee. Tilly mentioned using ‘Swedish Tracing Paper’ to make a new pattern for a garment one of the challenges. I thought this sounded like useful stuff, so I set about tracking it down. As it turned out I found it, in the USA. With a contact in the UK paper industry I decided to see if it was possible to produce it in the UK. After a lot of discussions and a few test runs I decided it was and set about making it into the product you see today.

In the early days I was heaving the bulk paper rolls (weighing 25kg!) in and out of my car boot! Time’s moved on a bit and I still heave move large numbers of rolls around, but now they arrive on 10m rolls by the pallet-load! (you’re busy people!)

In 2015 I sketched a very rough concept for a sewing journal, something that could keep me organised and let me look back at garments I’d made without having to remember all the little details. From that sketch the Maker’s Workbook was made.

The business strives to produce excellent tools for makers in a variety of fields, your feedback is always appreciated. Products are available online or via a number of fabulous stockists.

Today the business remains a one girl effort, 




Owner, Product Designer, Shipping Expert, Tea Maker






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