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Sewing Bundle


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Well, they’re both so tempting, it only seems reasonable to have a bargain bundle!

This item includes one roll of Swedish Tracing Paper and one Maker’s Workbook! 

Swedish Tracing Paper is a paper-like material that allows you to modify your expensive paper patterns without cutting into them. 

Making clothes for a friend or a growing child? Trace pattern pieces into multiple sizes! A soft and translucent paper, resistant to tear but easy to see through, making it excellent for copying the detail from existing patterns.

♦ Ideal for taking copies of delicate tissue paper patterns

copying a pattern to use in multiple sizes

making alterations to existing patterns

or making a pattern from a piece of clothing

Maker’s Workbook is a beautiful sewing journal thoughtfully designed for keeping safe the essential details of your makes

Workbook features:

♦ Record all your sewing projects, creating a lasting record that you can refer back to time after time.

♦ Design your future makes, squared paper and a set of female body forms will help keep your doodles for ‘next time..’ all in one place.

♦ Plan your next project, make a record of the patterns you have at home, what fabric and haberdashery they require. Of course there’s also room to list out your stashed fabrics and their sizes, keeping track of what’s in those boxes might stop duplications (no promises!)

♦ Sewing reference, an invaluable guide to the various types of sewing machine needle for your fabric (no more snagging!) and other handy reference material.

Take a look at the step by step guide showing how the Maker’s Workbook operates!


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